GardenUP Greenwalls offer a modular system of easy-to-install cassettes that are also easy to maintain and easy to swap out if you want to change the contents for a new design or seasonal crop.

Standard Single Cassette: 

With 24 plants in the Standard Cassette, or 12 in the Mini Cassette, there is a chance to be creative with the planting. We make up cassette planting schemes using plants that are suitable for the position – sun, shade, exposure to weather – and advise on planting.

Multi Cassette:

Get really creative with Multi-Cassettes on panels or railings.

The Cassette:

The cassette comprises principally of a tray that hooks on to a mesh or frame, and a carrier that inserts into the tray, like a cassette. A watering tray sits inside the top of the cassette to distribute the water evenly across the width of the cassette.

Cassette components.
The GardenUP Cassette.










The range comes with two principal sizes of cassette the 24-planter or the smaller 12-planter.

  • 24-plant cassette (56cm width x 42cm height).


  • 12-plant cassette (28cm width x 42 cm height) and




Product Range:

The system is modular so you can have just one Single Cassette, or Multiples;

  • Single Editions are simple Hand-watered units.
  • Multi Editions can be either Hand-watered or Auto-watered.

The Single:

Single units can contain 12 or 24 plants.

Some of our Single Editions offer practical solutions – like

  • Culinary Edition,
  • Scented Edition or
  • Colour Editions.

Hand-watered 24-plant Single cassettes.

Single – Culinary Herb Edition – ‘Scarborough Fayre’.
Single – Colour Edition – ‘Silver and Gold’.










Single – Culinary Herb Cassette outside a kitchen door.
Single – ‘Scarborough Fayre’ Edition – Herb cassette in situ.





The Multi:

Multiple units can be arranged side-by-side to provide a continuous canvas, or spaced to allow views, or include other media and materials.  Multiples allow scope for a ‘Designed’ look.

Multi – Rail Array.
Multi – Stand-Alone Panel and Railing.











Point-of Sale Panel:

This single-column multi unit outside a Garden Centre promotes seasonal plants for sale in the retail area.

Multi – Winter Pansies and Violas on Mounted Panel.
Multi – Winter Pansies Edition.











Get Creative:

Multi Panels allow you to introduce other media and spaces.

Multi-Panel aquaponic unit in a Sheffield factory.

Here, in a new Sheffield factory, Designer Richard Nicolle included waterproof prints of Koi fish to make a reference to the fish in the aquaponic system used in this wall.

Windows were also added to link to the stairs in the reception hall beyond.

Watering and feeding systems:

‘Keep it simple’ is our watchword.

TWO watering systems are available:

  1. Hand watering – by Dispersion Tray in the top of each cassette.
  2. Auto watering – Automatic watering systems are better for multiple cassette systems. These may be Solar-powered or Electric mains options. They may employ rainwater feeds, mains water, or Aquaponic tank feed,
  • Auto tap – Automatic feed from a mains tap
  • Auto tank – Automatic feed from a rainwater butt or tank.
  • Auto Aqua – Automatic feed from a fish tank.

  • Auto Aqua uses aquaponic principles to sustainably water the Green wall.









Our Auto Aqua Aquaponic system is installed on a living wall in a Sheffield factory.



Koi carp live in a large tank by the wall and water from their tank is pumped to the cassettes on the wall in short bursts 3 times a day.

Surplus water runs back to a buffer tank with growing herbs.

Much of the ammonia is removed by the plants in the wall and the herb tank, this is then pumped back to the Koi fishtank.

Electronic controls: The watering programme can be adjusted, although temperature and humidity levels in this factory are moderated so there is very little fluctuation in the factory environment which would require adjustments.