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By popular demand – Plant list

Since so many people were asking what the plants were in the display here they are:

To follow the colours of the posters the scheme was predominantly  Purple/burgundy, yellow and white. The textures of the leaves added interest to the scheme and made it very ‘Busy’.

Pride of place went to the Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Inaba Shidare’, closely followed by the Purple Hazel, or Filbert, Corylus maxima ‘Purpureum’.

Out and About – GardenUp

In this age of viral social media there is some consolation in doing things the old way too!

The GardenUp stand at the weekend’s Highland Fling event raised  a lot of interest, despite the somewhat cool southwesterly wind that blew in unobstructed! over the Derbyshire Dales.

Orchid Society displays at GardenUp!

Sheffield and District Orchid Society

The Society was formed in January 1972 with the aim of promoting interest in orchids and their culture.

Meetings are held at 10.00 a.m. on the second Sunday in each month at the Ranmoor Parish Centre, Ranmoor Park Road, Sheffield.


Green Oak at home and in the Garden

 Aisthorpe Green Oak is located in Sheffield on the edge of the beautiful Peak District and they are passionate about producing hand-crafted and bespoke furniture and structures from Oak and other elegant hardwood.

Ian Walker says “After years of working on other people’s projects we felt that it was time to launch our own project and have created a company that allows us to make the things we love and give others the opportunity to own something that we have hand-crafted here in Sheffield.”

Recycle, Upcycle, no it’s not the Tour! but it IS at GardenUp!

Kevin Rhodes is a former mechanical Engineer now turning his hand to innovative accessories made from recycled hardwood and other materials

He launched Wood Reincarnation in 2013 to ‘up-cycle’ a number of materials including stainless steel, iron, copper, glass and plastic.

Kevin says “I up-cycle many everyday objects including horse shoes, wine barrels, corks, tools, plant pots, mill shuttles, beer kegs and even washing machine drums.

Innovative sculptures at GardenUp!

Jim Milner triple_egg_005_2_72dpi_web_versionSheffield based sculptor, Jim Milner, works in local fine-grained sandstone. His beautiful geometric sculptural pieces will be at GardenUp, as well as some of his figurative works.

While some of his work is traditional – relief portraits and Celtic knot-work – most of his recent abstract geometric sculpture has been inspired by a life-long love of geometry.

These works are attempts to create sensual and classically beautiful garden sculptures to delight the eye and the touch.Jim Milner fractal_002_1_72dpi_web_version

Jim Milner millhouse_bell_013_300dpi_print_version Jim Milner mobius_4_1_027_72dpi_web_version

Hector and Cedric at GardenUp!

Hector and Cedric _DSC2711Sheffield–based designers Hector and Cedric are well-known creators of wooden shelters and buildings and are now introducing bespoke furniture.

Working with local timber from sustainable sources they use the natural grain and features of the timber to create custom-built furniture for your home or garden – beds, benches and tables are a speciality.


Hector and Cedric DSCF0063 Hector and Cedric DSCF3155






Hector and Cedric DSCF2958



Top Nursery comes to the Show

Slack Top Nurseries is coming to GardenUp.

Slack Top Nurseries, one of the UK’s top 5 true specialist alpine plant nurseries, situated at 900ft in the Yorkshire Pennines for nearly 30 years.

The vast majority of plants are propagated on the nursery from seed or cutting, resulting in a unique and unusual range. All are extremely hardy – grown outside at 900ft in the Pennines – and have withstood prolonged temperatures of -19°C. As customers say ‘if it’ll grow at Slack Top, it’ll grow anywhere’!

Botanical Artists come to the Show

The Florilegium Society was established to produce an archive of botanical illustrations of the plants of Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Botanical illustration is the marrying of art and science where the structures of plants are displayed in clear, scientifically accurate detail. The archive will provide a useful source of reference and a scientific and historical record of the plants in Sheffield Botanical Gardens.