About GardenUp

2021 – A new direction

GardenUp Green Scenes add a new way to display plants for interiors and small outdoor spaces.

Plants and craftsman-made materials are grouped to make clusters of interest with colours, textures, and structural shapes blended to create an attractive installation that invites attention, inspires an idea or induces a mood.

This is ‘Biophlic Design’. Where we, as humans are innately drawn to Nature and Natural forms. We feel comfortable with plants and animals, scenic views and living forms.

GardenUp Green Scenes emerged out of the gardening event held in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens in 2014.

Here is a new opportunity to introduce plants into the mix to decorate homes, offices and public spaces in a way that has hitherto been the preserve of sculptors, interior designers and architects.

GardenUp introduces the planted Cassette – a living, eco-canvas that allows shapes, colours and scents to be ‘painted’ on to the wall.











2014 – The First Show:

Sheffield geared up to host its own ‘design-led’ Flower and Gardening Show in June 2014 in a groundbreaking move to turn the city into a centre of garden and landscaping excellence.

Invested & GardenUp

The Botanical Gardens were the setting for ‘Garden Up’ – an innovative two-day show sponsored by Investec Wealth & Investment, which showcased the very best talent from the worlds of horticulture, architecture, landscape and design.

Local universities, schools, community groups, businesses, artists and craftspeople all signed up to be a part of the event that aimed to encourage future partnerships and stimulate technology transfer.

The council gave their full backing to an event they believe can be a key stimulus for the local economy and help further Sheffield’s ‘greenest city’ label. The event was a breathtaking outdoor garden show complete with exhibitors, sales stands and show gardens.