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‘Scentinel’ carries a message!

Illustrating the versatility and potential of the ‘Scentinel’, this unit can be invested with seasonal messages corresponding with the seasonal plantings in a cassette specially designed to add other media such as laser-cut wording, logos, messages, lighting and Point-of-Sale eye-catchers.

Watch this space…… Coming up in this space in the Winter Garden will be Spring, Easter, Mayday, Summer and other seasonal versions, and samplers for Weddings, Anniversaries and Festival celebrations. 

‘Scentinel’ debuts in Winter Garden!

The GardenUp ‘Scentinel’ planted column makes its debut appearance at the Sheffield Winter Garden. The column illustrates the versatility of the cassette system with plants of different colour, texture and even scent!

Winter Pansies debut at Garden Centre

Winter Pansies debut at Ferndale Garden Centre.

Seasonal plants loaded into a 4-cassette panel at Ferndale Garden Centre illustrate how seasonal plants can make a wall feature where plants can be swapped-out as they become available through the seasons.


Gardens take on a new direction – UP

Vertical gardening is trending.

GardenUp Greenwalls present a versatile system for growing on the ‘Up’ – a solution where space is limited but walls and railings are calling out for decorative wall dressing.

Our wall planters are cassettes – easily interchangeable, easy to maintain and so easy to install. From simple hand-watered units for culinary herbs, scented plants and colour panels, to self-regulating and sustainable Solar powered units that water automatically, and Aqua powered units that use fish water to feed the plants (the most ecologically-friendly version).

Schoolchildren debut their talents at GardenUp!

Several schools from Sheffield entered mini seed-tray gardens to a display in the Glasshouses in the Botanical Gardens specially for GardenUp.

These little glimpses of paradise illustrated whimsical design ideas and delighted visitors to the Show.

Prizes were awarded by the organisers, the Children’s University and the Friends of the Botanical Gardens. See the Children’s University blogspot on their link.

They’re off!

The show has started to take shape! The marquees are up!

Phil Hirst’s show garden is on the ground, real dry stone walls!