Sponsorship Opportunities

GardenUP is an imaginative new business in the world of urban gardening.

For Businesses, Corporations and Consultancies GardenUP offers many opportunities for sponsorship and partnership carefully targeting your preferred audience, raising profile and satisfying corporate responsibility.

We attend Trade Shows and Public Shows that promote Innovations in sustainable infrastructure, whether it is the Home, Office, or Public Urban Space.

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Sponsorship opportunities

The scope of the GardenUP business offers several ways to introduce sponsorship.

Direct Sponsorship:

  • Business general Sponsorship Read more..
  • Marketing and Promotion Sponsorship Read more..
  • Research and Development Sponsorship  Read more..
  • Exhibit Sponsorship for Show gardens and Designer sets Read more..
  • Awards: A scheme to reward Schools and Communities for excellence in their adopted displays Read more..

Indirect Sponsorship:

Sponsorship in kind, or financial support for Charities, Schools or Communities who adopt the GardenUP greenwall system, towards for example, an installation, Printing, Materials. Read more..


Innovative Business Model

Innovation is our business subtext.  The GardenUp Business Model arises from its inclusive nature where a broad cross-section of the City communities can engage together and inspire each other to progress and evolve the market sector of Sustainable Living in Modern Lifestyles in Homes, Gardens, Streets, Parks and Offices around the City Region.

Building ‘Social Capital’

It’s also about joined-up thinking and invention applied to one niche market.

    • Businesses,

Chris Campbell Engineering Bettys-Garden

  • Schools and Universities,
  • Artists and Designers,
  • Horticulturists and Architects,
  • Manufacturers and Retailers,
  • Charities and Societies

assimilate their talents and resources to produce fresh ideas and new markets using the showcase of the GardenUp Outreach programme.



The 2014 event


GardenUp provided a new arena for new business development: attracting show visitors from both end-users and manufacturers in the marketplace.

The 2014 event attracted just over 3,500 visitors from the City and adjoining regions of the Peak District and North Derbyshire, and The South Yorkshire region, predominanly in the A B C1 demographic profile.

Of these visitors 10% pre-booked online.

Schools' seed tray gardens.

The Schools’ input into the event ensured that families with children attended, and there was an entire area in the Gardens allocated to Art, Craft and entertainment activites loosely themed on Gardens, Environment and the Natural World. Read more..

Engaging Young people

In 2019 our aim is to engage Schools in sustainable gardening projects that employ the GardenUP cassette system.

 Schools’ Sculpture Trail at the Show made with project leader Artist Lucy Coyne. Read more..


The event was located in the grounds of the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield.

Sheffield City Council were partners in the project and allocated in-kind resources towards it: the venue, advertising, events team, cross-promotion and linkups with other City events such as the Hallam University events – Food Festival, Design Week, and Art in the Gardens.


The principal purpose of this event was to stimulate a market for all things Home, Garden, and Office living-scapes and establish Sheffield as a centre of excellence for Indoor and Outdoor-Scaping:

Products and Design

            • Plants
            • Garden Features
            • Furniture and Accessories
            • Summerhouses, Offices, Work sheds, Conservatories, Play areas
            • Construction and Design Materials: Stone, Steel, Glass, Polycarbonates, Wood
            • Hand Tools and Machinery
            • Water
            • Energy
            • Lighting
            • Digital media and IT
            • Biotechnology
            • Healthy lifestyle
            • Grow Your Own Food

Show Gardens

GardenUp as an event coupled Innovation to Homes & Gardens, Offices & Artiums by applying this in living examples on the Show Gardens.


GardenUp was a Marketplace for all things gardening, mix in Food, Entertainment, Health & Wellbeing, and the event became an Occasion, an enjoyable experience, an inspiration, and a shopping spree.

Sponsorship opportunities

Headline Sponsor

An opportunity to attach corporate brand to marketing the whole event which would include visibility on promotions pre-event, and at the event, through printed and internet media, on advertising, and targeted merchandise, Logo or brand message on all signage, printed materials, banners, advertising and media, billed as sponsor of the show in partnership with Sheffield City Council and any co-sponsors/partners

Logo on all banners and printed media

Gardenup A5 half page ad



The Headline Sponsor has first option on cross-promotions such as stalls at other City events –

                  • Art in The Gardens
                  • Sheffield Food Fayre
                  • Sheffield Design Fair
                  • Weston Park and Graves Park summer events,
                  • A prestige stand in the City Centre Winter Garden
                  • And hosting the VIP evening.

The VIP Preview Evening

An opportunity for corporate hospitality and fundraising.
Sponsorship covers cost of Marquee and Catering.

Benefits include free access preview to the show (most stands are manned by the exhibitors on Preview Evening).


Decorative Arts Marquee

Funding covers the costs of marquee hire and infrastructure, such as lighting and signage. Part of the funding can also be allocated to awards for exhibitors – Gold, Silver, Bronze – for quality of content, interpretation and presentation excellence. This allows sponsor and exhibitor a PR opportunity for press and media, and rewards exhibitors for quality of stands and offers them an incentive to apply for places in the Marquee.

Floral Marquee

Floristry, Bonsai, Ikebana, and local clubs and societies.
Includes Award scheme as above.

Plants Marquee

Nurseries, Plant Societies, Plant Heritage.
Includes Award scheme as above.

Health and Wellbeing Marquee

New wave ‘Wellbeing’ and Therapies
Pilates, Tai Chi, Natural Remedies, Horticultural Therapy,
Healthy living, Artisan Food.
Includes Award scheme as above.

Show Gardens and Designer Sets

Sponsorship of Show Gardens allows Corporate or Charity sponsors a number of marketing opportunities to promote message, corporate responsibility, charitable support visibility, membership raising, team building etc.

Garden Up 158
Product placement within a Show Garden is another way of supporting the garden designers.

Layered support: Investec sponsored this Show Garden
Whose theme was The National Garden Scheme’s ‘Yellow Book’ (sponsored by Investec). The National Garden Scheme itself raises funds for Macmillan Nurses and Carer organisations nationwide.

Garden Up 79

Large display gardens (8 x 8 metres)
Experimental and Community gardens (6 x 5 metres)
Schools gardens (5 x 4 metres)

School Project: 
King Edward’s School presented this Show Garden with sponsorship from the Old Edwardians Association.


Designer Sets

Pooz design curves-patio-furniture

Simple ‘Photographic’ sets for products with a real, projected or painted backdrop.
Sets will be grouped together in an array called ‘The Parade’ both outdoors and indoors.

Scotscape St Johns Wood

A cheaper alternative to ‘Show Gardens’.
Sponsorship of a set covers the cost of the site and the plywood board materials for base and backdrop.




Designer ‘Sets’ (4m x 2.5m staging with a 2.5m backdrop)


Show Garden Awards

Awards for exhibitors – Gold, Silver, Bronze – for quality of content, interpretation and presentation excellence.

This allows sponsors and exhibitors a PR opportunity for press and media, and rewards exhibitors for quality of stands and offers them an incentive to apply for places.

Designer Set Awards

Awards for exhibitors – Gold, Silver, Bronze – for quality of content, interpretation and presentation excellence. This allows sponsors and exhibitors a PR opportunity for press and media, and rewards exhibitors for quality of stands and offers them an incentive to apply for places.

Schools Miniature gardens awards

This is largely deGarden Uppendent on the number of schools entering Mini gardens whereby awards in kind or in cash are made to the school for creativity and presentation.





Schools Sculpture Trail

A sponsorship opportunity for supporting schools in outdoor activity creating sculptural work with Artist Lucy Coyne.

The works remain in the Botanical gardens for the summer.
Sponsorship could include an award scheme for tools or in cash towards the school.