GardenUP GreenWalls and GreenScenes

Vertical gardening is trending.


GardenUP Greenwalls

present a versatile new system for Gardening on the ‘Up’ with Living Plants – a solution where space is limited but walls and railings are calling out for decorative wall dressing.



The GardenUp system uses planted cassettes that can be hung on a vertical surface and frees up space on the floor area.



Valentines Day message panel.


GardenUp GreenScenes

are modules for decorating interior or smaller spaces like balconies.

This stand-alone unit ‘The Scentinel’ is a multi-functional free-standing panel that can be adopted for many uses such as Point-of-Sale units, Product displays, and kiosks.

A specially designed cassette has frame space around the plants which can carry slogans and messages, logos, lighting and all manner of eye-catching designs.

The plant carrier in the centre can be changed to hold seasonal plants, scented plants, colour schemes for special occasions, or slogans for Festivals and Calendar events.


Multiplier effect:

Cassettes can be arranged into many different configurations –

Indoors or Outdoors:  Walls, Railings, Fences or panels

Our Wall Cassettes are easily interchangeable, easy to maintain and so easy to install.

From single Hand-Watered units for culinary herbs, scented plants and colour panels,

to Automatic watering panels that are self-regulating and sustainable – using Solar-Powered pumps,

and Aqua-Powered panels that use water from fishtanks or ponds to feed the plants (the most ecologically-friendly version).



Our Hand-watered cassette units can be multiplied-up and arranged on a screen or railing. These cassette arrays displayed at the ‘ART IN THE GARDENS’  show in Sheffield Botanical Gardens.










Design with Plants: Plant colours and textures add interest to the design.










Balcony railing:

Single cassettes colour up the railing.












Barry McKoi:

Get creative!

GreenScenes are not just about plants!

This Mixed media panel uses a cutout print of the Koi fish and a mix of Trailing plants, Grasses, Alpines and Ferns.







Herbs for the Chef: Handy cassette outside the Kitchen door.

‘Scarborough Fayre’ Herb cassette










Cafe Combo!

Best of both worlds! Decorative and practical.

Colour and Culinary combo.

Some cassettes sport colourful ornamentals complemented by culinary cassettes with herbs for the chef.

Here at the Art House in Sheffield two cassettes brighten up the old Victorian courtyard outside the cafe.



Cafe Combo! Greenwall cassettes at Art House Cafe.