Hector and Cedric

Hector and Cedric Timber frame structures

Hector and Cedric Ltd

Hector and Cedric specialise in making unique and inspiring buildings, shelters and furniture from sustainably sourced wood. We work with the natural features of the timber, producing hi- quality pieces to our customers individual requirements.

Our portfolio spans a diverse range from traditional timber frame buildings and high performing sustainable extensions to the finest quality furniture from local hardwoods.

We use traditional Carpentry techniques and more contemporary methods using UK grown timber such as Oak, Larch and Douglas Fir.

A couple Examples of our work you can visit in Sheffield are –

Hectors House Ecclesall Woods Sawmill

Hectors House is a great example of our work situated at our place of work in Ecclesall Woods on Abbey lane. Constructed from local Oak, Larch and Cedar it has a unique twisting roof.

Bridge in Weston Park –

Part of the restoration of Weston Park we were commissioned to reproduce and reinstate an oak timber frame bridge designed by Robert Marnock in 1867. This was done using the same techniques that were used to build the original bridge.