Chris Campbell Design

Chris Campbell Garden up structures

Chris Campbell has been working as a practicing artist for over 20 years since graduating from Trent Polytechnic in 1980. Initially working from studios in Nottingham City Centre until 1993, he is now permanently based in the north Nottinghamshire village of Mattersey.

Campbell Design and Engineering Ltd. or CDE Ltd. have now been trading for over 6 years and now employs 12 full and part-time staff. The company manufactures most of its commissioned art and designed work within its own fully equipped metal fabrication, workshops, which can now deal with structures on almost any scale.

One of our strengths as a company is that we design, fabricate and (if needed) install all of our works. This approach can often simplify the process of commissioning because it cuts out the need for measured drawings being passed on to other fabricators and thus removing any chance of misinterpretation in the construction phase of the project. More crucially, this proven practice greatly aids creativity as the artist retains control at all times.

We now have extensive experience in working with budgets ranging from 1k for a small set of gates, through the 8k entrance to East Midland Arts, 60k for the streetscape in Burton, 100k at Nottingham Castle and over 275k for the Carr Bank Park in Mansfield. As well as on-going work in production, we are presently developing the design process through workshops for various schemes in Sheffield, Rotherham, Bradford, London, Nottingham, Castleford, & Greater Manchester.