The Florilegium Society

The Florilegium Society was established to produce an archive of botanical illustrations of the plants of Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Botanical illustration is the marrying of art and science where the structures of plants are displayed in clear, scientifically accurate detail. The archive will provide a useful source of reference and a scientific and historical record of the plants in Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

Representative paintings and illustrations from the Society will be on show in the Decorative Arts Marquee at GardenUp in a new exhibition called “Sheffield’s Flower Garden Displayed”.

The Exhibition is a selection of prints taken from some of the many beautiful botanical illustrations produced by the Florilegium Society. Plants that you may pass by as you wander round Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens, are portrayed by skilled artists, who imbue them with the freshness that comes from life, and capture the intricate details that make every plant unique.