Andrew ‘Stoneface’ Vickers

Stoneface Sculpture copy for Garden Up 2014

Sheffield artist Andrew Vickers discovered a passion for sculpting whilst marking the dry stone walls he was building with a stone face. Sculpting a wide variety of media from natural stone and metals to reclaimed materials, the art of ‘Stoneface’ is inspired by Andrew’s spiritual surroundings at his woodland workshop at Storrs Wood where many of his larger sculptures line the bank of Storrs Brook.

Andrew’s woodland portfolio will surprise with impressionistic and abstract work detailing studies from the female form to a horse’s head or fallen leaf, now also available as digital prints.

A ‘Stone Table’ commissioned by Thornbridge Hall is representative of Andrew’s bespoke functional sculpture designed for your home and garden.

Many of his works are situated in communities and parks across the city and Andrew has exhibited at a number of city wide outdoor events such as ‘Art in the Gardens’, ‘Open Up Sheffield Artist Studios’ and ‘Down by the Riverside Festival’.

Recent commissions include a ‘Great Sheffield Flood’ stone memorial placed by Yorkshire Water and each year Andrew carves a new ‘face’ to his ‘Many Faces of Meadowhall’ sculpture (Upper Level, Meadowhall Centre) to reflect the centre’s changing and diverse customer base. @StonefaceSculpt

Stoneface Sculpture, The Wood Shed, Storrs Wood, Storrs Lane, Stannington, Sheffield, S6 6GY