Children’s Zones

The Children’s Zones are three areas where schools and Children are involved in creative Gardening!

Three areas for Children and creativity:

The Pavilions

Where Sheffield Schools have made mini gardens in seed-trays with the help of the Children’s University and Friends of the botanical Gardens.

The Woodland Walk

See the stunning Sculpture Trail first at Garden Up!

IMG_2657It’s the culmination of a citywide project involving hundreds of young people and you saw it here first!

 Led by celebrated Sheffield artist Lucy Coyne, the new Sculpture Trail wound its way through the Botanical Gardens for the first time at GardenUp 2014 and remained on display for the summer.

The project has given young people the rare chance to work on a large scale collaborative artwork and exhibit their work in the city.


 Lucy Coyne said: “The Botanical Gardens has been the inspiration for this fantastic series of sculptures. Seed cases, plant structures and the site’s  fabulous tree collection has given us great scope for ideas and the finished pieces. We’ve experimented with colour, texture and form to develop a varied and dynamic series of sculptures which have been evolving over the weeks leading up to GardenUp.”


The Sculpture Trail follows Lucy Coyne’s ‘Steel City Cascade’, which created the dramatic suspended sculpture now on permanent exhibition in Sheffield’s Winter Garden that marks the stainless steel centenary last year.

NB: There is also the opportunity for visitors to GardenUp to create their own sculpture piece for the trail at a public workshop, which will take place in the Botanical Gardens over the weekend. Check event information for further detail!

Landing Zone


a large area at the lower end of the Botanical Gardens where families and children can make things with artists and designers. A marquee will house the activities and catering stalls will be nearby so families can picnic on the lawns.