GARDENUP and Innovate

GardenUp is a brand new Lifestyle Event for Sheffield.

This Innovative Show is now looking for Sponsors who will see the benefit of promoting their corporate vision with a project that espouses the values and ambitions of GardenUp. If you are a potential sponsor please click here.

GardenUp is designed to kindle innovation and invite a sustainable approach to Modern Living through our Landscaping and Gardening in the Home and Office environments – our ‘LIVING-SCAPES’.

Overall the 2014 GardenUp was a success for the Exhibitors who attended and for the thousands of visitors to the Show. So we are looking to grow from that achievement. More Show Gardens and more Displays, Talks and Demonstrations, are key areas we will expand upon. See 2014 Show.


GARDENUP objectives

It’s a two-day family event and showcases new talent from the worlds of Horticulture, Architecture, Landscape, Engineering, Life-Sciences, Art and Design and more.

GardenUp is a Lifestyle show and presents a marketplace for Innovators in the Home & Garden and Built Environments sector offering a platform for New Business for this market and inviting Businesses, Individuals, and Local Communities to showcase their innovative products, services and approaches to business.

Lincoln Uni design for GardenUp

Lincoln University Architecture Department exhibit 2014. Interactive panels driven by realtime Social Media responses.


Successful Innovations alter perceptions and enter the consciousness, so if visitors to GardenUp return home with new ideas from the show then we will have succeeded in one of our aims to make small incremental shifts in lifestyle that are for the greater good.

Green walls improve the micro-climate to a hard landscape in a confined space




Demand for Action

With five of the Global Imperatives in our survival being dependent on Food, Energy, Water Resources, Sustainable Environment and Social Cohesion, it behoves us to address these looming issues and come up with solutions.

There is a thread between our lives at home and in the garden, the commute to work, the workplace and out into the ‘leisure-scapes’ of urban and country life. It’s this interaction between us, and the spaces we move between, that lies at the heart of GardenUp.

It’s not only objects in natural or built environments, it’s also about behaviours and adaptation too: How we construct the spaces around us, how we move through and around those spaces, and what objects and features, what behaviours and activities we place in those environments that are useful, have meaning, and connect with the rest of the world around us.

GARDENUP 2017 will showcase: 

Design for Living,

Food, Health and Wellbeing,


Sustainable Energy sourcing,

New Materials,


Engineering for the Environment.

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